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Iron Hoops, craft metal ring for Macrame and other projects

Iron Hoops, craft metal ring for Macrame and other projects

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Iron Hoop, Craft Metal Ring, for Macrame and Other DIY Projects, Star & Heart & Moon, Golden



small heart: about 1.97x2.05x0.12 inch(50x52x3mm), inner size: 1.77x1.85 inch(45x47mm), 1pc;

medium heart: about 3.94x4.06x0.12 inch(100x103x3mm), inner size: 3.86x3.74 inch(98x95mm), 1pc;

large heart: about 6.02x5.87x0.12 inch(153x149x3mm), inner size: 5.79x5.63 inch(147x143mm), 1pc;

Xlarge heart: about 7.87x7.68x0.12 inch(200x195x3mm), inner size: 7.68x7.40 inch(195x188mm), 1pc;


small moon: about 1.87x1.63x0.10 inch(47.5x41.5x2.5mm), inner size: 1.69x0.39 inch(43x10mm), 1pc;

medium moon: about 3.94x3.31x0.10 inch(100x84x2.5mm), inner size: 3.66x1.18 inch(93x30mm), 1pc;

large moon: about 6.02x5.63x0.10 inch(153x143x2.5mm), inner size: 5.83x2.68 inch(148x68mm), 1pc;

Xlarge Moon: about 7.87x6.89x0.12 inch(200x175x3mm), inner size: 7.48x2.56 inch(190x65mm), 1pc;


star 1: about 1.89x1.97x0.10 inch(48x50x2.5mm), inner size: 1.38x1.73 inch(35x44mm), 1pc;

star 2: about 3.86x3.94x0.10 inch(98x100x2.5mm), inner size: 2.95x3.78 inch(75x96mm), 1pc;

star 3: about 5.71x5.91x0.10 inch(145x150x2.5mm), inner size: 5.31x5.71 inch(135x145mm), 1pc;

star 4: about 7.56x7.87x0.10 inch(192x200x2.5mm), inner size: 5.91x7.72 inch(150x196mm), 1pc;

Each style 4pcs/set, 3 style, 3 set.

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